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Australian Owned Pest Control

A1 Pest Control Sydney is located in the Bella Vista and frequently services a strong client database across the Western Sydney and permits extensive Hills District pest control. However, our expert services also extend to the Sydney Metro and surrounding suburbs so don’t hesitate to ring us up if you’re in Sydney and in need of pest control.

A1 Pest Control Sydney is also one of the few large pest control companies that is completely Australian owned, unlike “Flick Pest Control” & “Rentokil” which are foreign owned. A1 is proudly Australian family owned and has a Sydney base as well as a Canberra base (owned by Bruce’s sister, Jenny) which allows us to be much more personal and cater to your pest control needs which will vary between each customer.

We have working in the Pest Control sector for over three decades. Over the past 30 years he has accumulated invaluable pest control knowledge and experience as well as the necessary accreditation to compliment and promote safe procedures to protect homes as well as corporate buildings. Our company has the necessary experience to conduct reliable pest control in residential buildings as well as warehouses, offices and commercial business centers.

If you’re currently looking at getting an inspection conducted at your property or aware of a pest control issue that needs attention feel free to ring Bruce on 0417 251 911 to organize an appointment or quote. Alternatively we can also be contacted via email at:

Environmental Consideration

Safety and environmental implications form part of the core of our concerns. We use only low and non-toxic treatments to ensure that you’re home or business suffers zero negative effects due to pest control procedures. We take extreme care when handling even low-toxicity chemicals to promote a healthy environment for your family and any pets you might have. We strive to not become negligent as some other pest controllers have become infamous for.

Our treatments and insecticides used indoors are odour free and our outdoor treatments odour fades as soon as they dry which will take roughly 30 minutes.

Termite Inspections

A1 Pest Control has invested in the latest termite control and inspection equipment, devices such as the Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera and Termatrac’s flagship detection device, the T3I. (Less than five companies in the Sydney region have access to this reliable equipment combination.) We made the decision to invest in this expensive equipment because visual termite inspections are at best only guesswork, this is because the pest control inspector has to rely only on their sight in combination with the use of a plastic donger to tap timber and a moisture meter for moisture readings. With the Fluke Imaging Camera and the Termatrac T3I all guesswork is eliminated and you’re presented with an accurate report detailing all the facts.

When looking to invest in a property or sell your current property we are able to conduct a pest inspection and provide you with a concise report so you know exactly what condition the property is in with regards to any pest related issues, as well as providing advice for the best method of control.

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